Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sick Days Bring Appreciation

The last few days have been full of sick kiddos and a very worn out mom. I thought of Stephanie ( She posted a blog one day in Nov of 2007, a blog that I thought of very often the last few days. You can read it by clicking here.

If you don't know Stephanie's story and you haven't read her blogs, you're missing out on a very precious and rare gem. At such a young age, she is full of so much love, warmth and fun. She and her husband were in a plane crash in August of this year. She is still in the hospital, but is recovering very well considering the circumstances.

Despite the fact that I was beyond tired, I took the time to cherish the kids, to hold them tighter, to mug them endlessly. (Read Stephanie's blogs to learn about a mug.) Regardless of the messes I cleaned up or the nights I spent awake and cuddled close by, I appreciated every second of it because there are those that aren't as fortunate. I'm sure there's no place Stephanie would rather be right now than cuddled close to her family and her dear Mr. Nielson, even on sick days like these.