Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Guess Who Is Back??

I'm back in action and going to try yet again to maintain this blog the way I should.  I have a lot of great information to offer as far as working from home and also have some other new trends I've been following that I cannot wait to share with you.  

Recently, I started working with a great company called Law Docs Xpress.  It's a transcription position and I totally love it!!  I'll share more on them in a later post.

For now, I just wanted to say, "Stay Tuned."  Tomorrow, I will be posting some very FRESH job leads.

Monday, February 18, 2013

The Taste on ABC

This is my new addiction. This show has both professional and amateur chefs who face off cooking items that judges will then sample and decide if they want them on their team or not. My best friend just finished culinary school, so I'm excited to chat about the with her. ABC always has a ton of shows that catch my interest, not too mention you can watch full episodes online!!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Palmolive Fresh Sponge Review

This product was sent to me from Colgate via Influenster.com. I'm not big on hand washing my dishes, but this has given me a totally new outlook. Not only does it smell great, but it keeps your sponges smelling great also. Check out Palmolive here!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLXCLKZ0UrU

Monday, January 30, 2012

Work At Home Job Leads

Make sure you check out the new pages I've added to my blog. More info coming soon. :)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Montagne Jeunesse

Another of my favorite items that I received to test and review as part of Influenster's Holiday VoxBox was the Montagne Jeunesse face masque.

Not only are they extremely affordable, but they left my skin feeling awesome.  The masques are packed with the natural ingredients and come in fragrances that will sooth your soul or rejuvenate your energy, your choice. These are good for men, women, teens of all skin types.

Give these a try.  I guarantee you'll find the right one to suit any mood.

Check them out here!! 

PS - My favorite part of the masque, besides how awesome it left my skin feeling, is that on the back it says, "We're vegetarian and animals are our friends - that's why we don't bash bunnies or add bits of animals!


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

imPRESS Press-on Manicure

Since the announcement of the products in Influenster's Holiday VoxBox Program, I've been drooling over the imPRESS Press-on Manicure.  I could not wait to try them. 
I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at the durablity for press-on nails.  I have three children, the youngest is nine months.  I also type for a living.  These nails were the perfect alternative to expensive acrylics that are a pain and can damage your nails.  Instead of spending $40+ to get my nails done, I'd much rather spend $6-8 and have an amazing set of nails for a special occasion.  They are really good for the first two to three days and then start to come off, at least in my case.  Again, I'd consider myself to overly use my hands. :)  However, they were a hit at our Christmas party.  Everyone that saw them and talked to me about them went out and purchased their own sets for our New Year's Eve party.  :)

Thanks Influenster for letting me try this product for free and offer my friends and family my opinion.  Double thanks to imPRESS for making sure that I'm always dressed to impress.

You can order your own imPRESS Press-on Manicure by clicking here!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Holiday VoxBox

All month long I've anxiously been waiting on one box.  A few days ago that box arrived.  It is my Holiday VoxBox from Influenster filled with all kinds of free products to try and review.

Here is a picture:  

Reviews coming soon!! :)